Ahh… I just returned from an incredible writing retreat…

Hello Friends! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last poked my head in. It was a whirlwind end of summer, with lots of fun with the fam, but not tons of writing time. With the kids finally back in school and things going back to a more “normal” routine (although, not quite “normal” given the state of the world… maybe “normal”-er) I couldn’t wait to have some focused BIC time (For those who aren’t writers, BIC stands for “Butt In Chair” and it’s the only way to get anything done!)

So, thanks to my INCREDIBLE husband, who agreed to hold down the fort, I was able to get away for FOUR DAYS at the gorgeous Highlights Foundation Retreat Center in Millanville, PA, where all I did was stare out my window at the lush trees and listen to the bugs, birds and whispering breeze, while I wrote — all day long. On breaks, I spent time eating delicious homemade food (which I didn’t have to make!) and taking long walks with friends and fellow children’s book authors and illustrators. Truly heaven on earth.

And, of course, I wrote a poem about it (how could I not?)… Please enjoy… and scroll down for more pics as well.

Thank you, as always, for your support and following my journey. It means so much.

All the best,


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