National Poetry Month Day 22: April 22,2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to day 22 of the poem-a-day challenge! Whoa man, today’s word, “malfunction,” seriously gave me trouble (with a capital “T”! and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for… I could not think of ANYTHING to write about this dang word!!) Anyway, this was the best I could come up with. You… Read more »

National Poetry Month Day 21: April 21, 2020

It’s day 21 of the poem-a-day challenge! Today I was given the word “Frumpy,” which is a word that, as it so happens, describes me perfectly these days. Indeed, I made the mistake of getting on the scale this morning, so feeling it a little EXTRA today. I thought maybe some of you could relate…. Read more »

National Poetry Month Day 20: April 20,2020

Wow, I made it for 20 days with this poem-a-day challenge! Who would’ve thought?! After yesterday’s poem, full of deep, dark, depressing thoughts, I ended up going the total opposite direction with today’s poem. Today’s challenge word is “Circumstance.” I hope this brings a little fun to your day. Enjoy! 🙂

National Poetry Month Day 19: April 19, 2020

Today’s poem-a-day challenge word is “Reorganize.” This poem originally started out super silly, but my thoughts today kept diverting into more serious territory, so I had no choice but to follow. Thanks for reading…

National Poetry Month Day 18: April 18,2020

It’s day 18 of the poem-a-day challenge! My word is “Snippet.” I’m not sure how or why, but that word led me to write this poem/story, about a young teenage boy, desperately trying to show his feelings to a girl for the first time. What can I say? My Muse speaks to me through many… Read more »