I made it to the “Elite 8” of the Madness!Poetry Tournament! WHOOHOO!

Hey Friends!

What a roller-coaster I’ve been on this month! This Madness poetry tournament is NO JOKE! Fun, yes, but the pressure to produce (and produce, and produce) only gets stronger with each round.

BUT, I’m happy to report that I’m still in it ! I am among only 8 Authletes left (If you recall, the competition started with 64!). I honestly never expected to make it past the first round, so the whole thing is pretty surreal!

My competitor this round, Lisa Varchol Perron, is probably one of the most talented poets I know (and she happens to be part of my poetry critique group, as well as super kind and generous human) so this round is particularly tough. She is a fierce competitor, and I am honored to have my work read alongside her’s — no matter what the outcome.

I’d love it if you took a minute to read our poems and cast your vote! Here’s the link.

Thank you again for continuing to read my stuff and for all your support and love!

All the best,


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