I Presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference in San Diego!

What a whirlwind! I’ve just gotten back from ALA, the annual conference in San Diego that brought together librarians, authors, editors and publishers from all over the country  (18,000 people in attendance!). I had an incredible time presenting on a panel with Margarita Engle, Chris Baron, and Janet Wong on a panel called “The Power of Poetry in the Classroom and Community.” We also included a tribute to our dear friend and fellow author, Katey Howes, who recently and suddenly passed away. It was she who had originally brought us all together for this event so that moment was definitely bitter-sweet.

Sharing my books with librarians from all over the country and meeting editors and fellow authors whom I’d previously only met online or over Zoom was such a thrill. As someone who spends most days alone behind a computer, the event was overwhelming, but I’m so glad I took myself out into the world to meet all these fabulous folks.

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