Matthew Winner Loves Whatever Comes Tomorrow!

I can’t even believe this incredible review of WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW from the one and only Matthew Winner! For those who don’t know Matthew, he is an incredibly kind-hearted, enormously well-respected librarian, teacher, and advocate for children’s literature. He has many podcasts for both kids and creators, including The Children’s Book Podcast, which is amazing!
See his review below this screen shot or click on this link:
“Whatever comes tomorrow, however steep the hill… you’ll find your path. You’ll journey on. You’ll make it through. You will.”

Sharing the cry-every-time closing line from one of the books I shared with classes yesterday from #WRAD23. WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW has words by Rebecca Gardyn Levington and art by Marion’s Cabassa and is, for my money, just about the closet thing to a hug you can get from a picture book. The lyrical, comforting, affirming text makes me think of the late Amy Krouse Rosenthal and that very special touch she made on me and so many others. This is a book that sees your worries, your anxiety, your fears, and just holds space to feed them. The text doesn’t dismiss those worries, or minimize, or distract. Rather, it acknowledges, honors, and affirms. It’s a book I have read over and over, and each time I do it feels brand new. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.”

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