My Halloweensie Writing Contest Entry!

Hello Everyone! Oh, how I love writing contests! There’s nothing like a hard deadline and “rules” to kick my creativity into high gear! Seriously, it’s like a crazy creative crossword puzzle and it is SO MUCH FUN!

This entry is for author Susanna Hill’s amazing “10th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest.”

The Rules: Write a Halloween story for children (12 and under) with a true narrative arc — beginning, middle & end — that is no more than 100 words AND includes the words “skeleton,” “creep,” and “mask” (in any form). And just because I’m a masochist, I decided that I’d ALSO make it rhyme. Why not?!

People, if you think this is an easy task, you are SADLY mistaken! Here’s my best attempt, coming in at 91 words, I hereby give you: “DEAD TIRED.”

Please to enjoy… 🙂

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