My poem “The Coolest Ghoul In School” was published in the Autumn 2021 issue of The Caterpillar

I know, I know, TWO posts in ONE week?! What is HAPPENING?! Well, all I can say is, sometimes good news comes in spurts!

So, I just received my author copies of The Caterpillar, an amazing magazine for children ages 7 to 11 that is chock full of poetry, art, and stories, and I had to share with you all. They have a bit of a creepy Halloween theme for this issue and so I was excited when the editors let me know they’d be including my poem, “The Coolest Ghoul in School.”

Check out more about The Caterpillar here.

Now, some of you may be thinking: “Hmm… Rebecca, that poem seems kinda familiar… haven’t I read it before?” If so, you are correct! I originally wrote this poem for a writing contest I entered last Fall (which, by the way, I didn’t win). BUT, it just goes to show you that even if one thing doesn’t work out, you just never know what other opportunities may be just around the corner, amiright?

Others of you may be thinking: “That girl next to your poem looks NOTHING like your description of Zoolie O’Toole.” If so, you are ALSO correct. But, I have no input into illustrations. I’m just a word girl! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading. Hope you all are having an amazing week!

All the best,


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