National Poetry Month Day 30: April 30, 2020

Hello Everyone! It’s the very last day of the poem-a-day challenge! Whew! What a month! I have never in my life produced so much (30 poems in 30 days!). It has not been easy, but I’ve learned an incredible amount about myself through this process, most importantly that (and I know this sounds insanely cheesy, but) I CAN do ANYTHING I put my mind to. I DO have the time. I DO have the energy. I DO have the ability. I only need to want it ENOUGH. I am extremely proud of all the poems I’ve created. (Sure, some were better than others, but the fact that I completed them ALL feels like a huge accomplishment).

O.k. enough of my ramblings! Let’s get to the poem!

Today’s final word was “Mailbag.” However, as I started tinkering, I realized that for my very last poem, I wanted to write something meaningful about the impact this challenge has had on me over these many weeks in quarantine. “Mailbag” just wasn’t cutting it! So I went off the grid and picked my own word: “Persist.”

Thank you again for all your support and for reading my work. And a special thanks to Lori Degman, writer extraordinaire, who created this challenge and invited me to join her on this journey. I’m so grateful. xoxo

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