National Poetry Month Day 6: April 6, 2020

I’m sorry friends. I tried REALLY hard to come up with another happy or humorous poem today, but I’m finding myself in a bit of a funk. The word of the day is “Leap.”

National Poetry Month Day 5: April 5, 2020

Hi Everyone! Today’s poem-a-day challenge word was “pollen,” which I found to be extremely challenging. There are VERY few words rhyme with pollen! This was a tough one. But I was grateful for the challenge because, to me, creating a poem is like working on a brain puzzle and playing with words is one of my most favorite things to do. I also enjoyed this one because the word “pollen” didn’t automatically make me think of all things coronavirus, and honestly, I was ready for a break from it. I can’t guarantee I won’t go back there (as I have no idea what words lie ahead of me!) but it was nice, for a moment, to think of happy, simpler things, like a little girl’s first crush. Please enjoy…

National Poetry Month Day 4: April 4, 2020

O.k., so its Day 4 of the National Poetry Month poem-a-day challenge! The word given to me was “Hope.” By now, if you’ve been following along, you’ll have noticed that all my poems so far have been about the coronavirus pandemic. As such, you may think that the topic is the ONLY thing on my mind. And, well, you would be right. Sadly, our world situation right now is filling every crevice of my little brain. Writing these poems — and attempting to find some bright spots and humor amidst it all — is my way of processing. Call it cheap therapy. I do.

National Poetry Month: Day 2 April 2, 2020

As I mentioned yesterday, I am participating in a poem-a-day challenge for the month of April in which I must use a given word in a poem. Today’s word is “Thankful.” The idea for this poem stemmed from a comment my husband made to me about how strange a time we are living in. Thanks to Covid-19, we have been quarantined to our homes for the last 3 weeks and for the indefinite future. There is sickness and death and fear all around us, and yet… Spring is still springing. Birds are chirping, flowers are beginning to bloom, trees are getting greener — all completely oblivious to the horrors happening in the human world. Thinking about this gave me a sense of hope. And this poem was born.