My Poem “Math Problems” in the 50th Anniversary Issue of Cricket Magazine!

I usually hate surprises, but I’ll take this one! Opened the mail to find my poem, “MATH PROBLEMS” in the 50th Anniversary issue of Cricket Magazine (Sept. 2023 issue)! (Yes, I knew they were publishing it…but was never told when!) Always fun when my children’s poetry finds a home! 🙂

The Spanish Version of WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW has a Starred Review!

I’m excited to share that PASE LO QUE PASE MAĂ‘ANA, the Spanish version of WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW received a starred review from School Library Journal!

(This is a big deal b/c libraries look to reviews when looking at books to add to their collections!)
I’m so happy knowing this review will help get the book to more kids who need it.

A HUGE thank you to translator María A. Peréz who did a phenomenal job with the text (I know, thanks to a mix of my mediocre High School Spanish + Google Translate!)

AVAILABLE Sept. 5th! Pre-order a signed/personalized copy at [Words] Bookstore (Please put any personalization requests in the comments!) or purchase anywhere books are sold!

An Awesome Day at NeRd Camp!

What a fabulous morning sharing WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW with teachers at the 4th Annual NeRd Camp PA this morning with fellow authors and friends Shannon Anderson and Cindy Williams Schrauben! 

Hooray! My Next Book Has Finally Been Announced!

In case anyone still has any doubt, publishing is a L-O-N-G game. I’ve been waiting to share this news for almost 2 years! My next book, LITTLE DREIDEL LEARNS TO SPIN, illustrated by Taryn Johnson, will be my 4th picture book, coming out in time for Hanukkah 2024 with Scholastic! (And YES I am told it WILL be included in those book club and book fair flyers so be on the lookout!) Whoo-hoo!


As an introvert, my favorite part of my writing journey has always been the writing — home, alone, playing with words in my happy quiet cave. But now I’m starting to go out into the world to share my books with kids and THIS 👇 is starting to happen. So now this is also my favorite part❤️ Thank you to the wonderful students at Tuscan Elementary for your beautiful letters and drawings. My heart is overflowing.

A New Published Poem in Countdown Magazine!

One of my favorite things to do while I wait, and wait, and wait for my picture books to come out into the world, is to submit poems to children’s magazines. And sometimes, those poems are actually published! This one, illustrated SO adorably by Christopher Nielsen, just came out in the July 2023 issue of Countdown, one of the fabulous publications from The School Magazine group in Australia! 

A Fabulous Full Day School Visit At Tuscan Elementary!

On Thursday (June 8th) I had the awesome opportunity to visit the insightful, curious and kind K-5 students of Tuscan Elementary School in Maplewood, NJ! I read WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW, discussed how normal it is to have worried feelings (we ALL have them!) and shared some of the tools I use to help me manage my own worries whenever they arise. I also got to share with them a bit about who I was as a kid and how my love of reading and writing led me to where I am today.

The kids had such great questions and made me feel so at ease despite all of the butterflies flying around in my belly that day! Thank you to Ms. Popp, Ms. O’Roarke and the entire team at Tuscan for inviting me to your wonderful school! ❤️