National Poetry Month Day 18: April 18,2020

It’s day 18 of the poem-a-day challenge! My word is “Snippet.” I’m not sure how or why, but that word led me to write this poem/story, about a young teenage boy, desperately trying to show his feelings to a girl for the first time. What can I say? My Muse speaks to me through many voices. I’m just the go-between. 🙂

National Poetry Month Day 14: April 14, 2020

It’s poem-a-day challenge day 14! The word given to me was “Impact,” but I fudged it a little to help with the rhyme (I’m allowed!). As you’ll see, the state of the world still weighs heavy on my mind and heart… as I’m sure it does with all of you. Thanks for reading. 🙂

National Poetry Month Day 16: April 16, 2020

It’s Day 16 of the poem-a-day challenge and my word was “Bamboozled!” Not sure what to say about this poem, except that you’ll see I clearly had a lot of fun playing with words today! It’s a silly one, but I hope you enjoy it. 🙂