Taking Time Away To JUST WRITE

Things have been busy in my world lately with all the promotion of BRAINSTORM! and the upcoming release of WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW, not to mention several more books in various states of negotiation and contract prep. It’s ALL the wonderful kind of “busy,” but it has left me with little time to do what I love the most: WRITE! So, thanks to my fabulously supportive husband, I was able to carve out 3 1/2 days in an isolated cabin up in the woods at the Highlights Foundation campus in PA. I spent the entire time writing new drafts, revising old drafts, journaling/thinking about new stories, reading and eating (the food there is phenomenal and the best part is I don’t have to cook any of it!) I wrote a poem while I was up there, so sharing it with you here. This pretty much sums it up:

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