In addition to writing picture books, I LOVE writing poetry – especially for kids!
I’ve been thrilled to have so many of my poems published in various magazines and anthologies. 

Poems Featured in Magazines:

Poems Featured in Anthologies:

Poems Coming Soon!

  • “The Undeterred Octopus,” Countdown/The School Magazine, July 2023
  • “Dreidel Time,” Highlights High Five, TBD
  • “From Peanut Butter to Jelly, With Love,” Spider Magazine, TBD
  • “Beware of The Teacher Creature,” Spider Magazine, TBD
  • “Math Problems,” Cricket Magazine, TBD
  • “Ocean’s End of Summer Blues,” Launchpad/The School Magazine, TBD
  • “My Amazing Brain!” The School Magazine, TBD
  • “Parrots Are Pretty,” The School Magazine, TBD